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Trail Opening / Closing Notices:

The snowmobile trail network in Washington County follows  scheduled  open/close dates.  In all cases, trail open/close dates are dependent on snow cover which may dictate a later open or an early close.  Look here for open/close updates in the Fall and Spring.


Current Trail Status: 



Be Respectful of Private Property - Stay on the Trail and Help Protect our Trails!



Trails are groomed weekly or as snow conditions allow. In early season, the groomers may not have been out in all areas in order to let fresh snow 'set-up' before grooming.


Trail conditions can change rapidly and may not allow for grooming in all areas. ALWAYS PROTECT OUR TRAILS by using your best judgement to ensure safe riding and prevent damage to the trails.

<< Click Here for MN DNR Snow Depth and Trail Conditions Map >>

OFFICIAL Open/Close: (Depending on Snow Conditions)

Trails Open: December 1, 2023

Trails Close: April 1, 2024

-NOTE: Snow Conditions may cause Late Trail Opening and/or Early Trail Closing -

Trail Hours:
Trail hours vary by each city's ordnanceIt is the riders responsibility to know the trail hours in the city where you are riding. Keep in mind that due to city ordinances, some portions of the trail may close before others.
Special Notices:


In 2021, The Washington County Star Trail took delivery of a New Prinoth HUSKY trail groomer to help maintain snowmobile trails throughout Washington County.

"The new groomer decreased maintenance costs, downtime and operational costs that were rapidly increasing as the old groomer approached the end of it's useful life" said Chris Voligny, Trail Coordinator. "Our volunteer operators groom an extensive trail network across Washington County over a wide variety of challenging terrain. Reliability, serviceability and lower cost of operation are critical to our organization and this new groomer checks all the boxes."

The new groomer was put into operation in the 2021- 2022 snowmobile season.

New Trail Sections: 

Look Here for any special Trail Notices: Trail Extensions, Re-Routes, Closings, Etc. Also, Area Specialists looking for additional help maintaining trails.
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